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It won’t make much difference to the battery’s life expectancy as virtually all chargers are designed to stop charging once the pack has reached 100 per cent capacity.The majority of Lithium ion batteries degrade from the day they are made and their ability to hold a charge drops by as much as 30 per cent after only two years.I took the “Single in the Foreign Service” seminar at the State Department before my first overseas tour.The only thing I remember from the seminar is the requirement to report our romantic relationships to the embassy security officer.Pls patronise her, she has beautiful handmade beads.Stella, I wasn't sure about which email to send this to.

Reuters, first reported the rule Monday night; the Trump administration confirmed the laptop ban Tuesday morning.

I know enough female FSOs who have found husbands abroad to dispel that myth.

But I think the Foreign Service lifestyle is harder for single women than for single men. I cannot tell you how many State Department post reports I’ve read where “great post for singles” meant “great post for single guys to pick up local girls in bars.” I’d be curious to know how many FSOs are single and compare that against the resources offered specifically for them.

Anything bigger than a cellphone—laptops, DVD players, cameras, tablets, and so on—will be relegated to the cargo hold.

They also apply only to inbound flights; if you're flying direct to Riyadh, you can keep your i Pad in hand.

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