Colostomy and dating

Has anyone else had this done and could tell me what it involves , recovery period , pain after ... Hello everyone, I had a colostomy about 2 months ago.

So friends I am currently using convatec wafers without tape collar which means that the whole wafer has a like rubber type texture. Since then I have been using the 2 pierce Convatec moldible flange/ osteomy bag system.

No one had to know anything other than I had surgery. External appliance or no external appliance; I still wasn’t okay with my situation. It wasn’t until I connected with other people who I felt understood what I was going through, that things began to turn around for me.

I also was never going to be in a positive relationship if I couldn’t fully be myself.

Body image is the way we see ourselves in the mirror and like to imagine our appearance.

Although the change seems so great to oneself, most others do not see the ostomy as changing in any major way the person they love.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I am asking this because I am one and am tossing up whether this will really work for me...

I know there are genuine men out there, so please don't think I am being negative. OP -- We all have different level of comfort that we're willing to accept.

Whether a person desires companionship, active participation in sex, or a serious romance leading to marriage, how one's surgery will be accepted by a potential partner or friend is a normal concern.It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when a person has any type of ostomy, dating can be a bit of a challenge.It depends on the individuals age, their level of comfort/acceptance with their body, the person they have the attraction to, what a person is looking to get out of that first date, etc. I was so focused on being different and how gross I felt that I lost site of the fact that I was still me. Dear members, How should we be thinking about our genetic information when it comes to disease?One thing that is clearer than ever is that the value of this community is created by you, every minute of every day. Stomach is acting a little queasy because they have me on a liquid diet. MOST times though it is "mushy", and very hard to empty, so I usually wind up replacing the pouch. I just don't feel clean when the bag is emptied, but still has a lot of "residue" left.

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