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Its many converts insist it gets easier; in fact, it can become addictive. "Texting is the modern way to flirt and if you ask most men, it's totally harmless," Martin Daubney, editor of British men's magazine Loaded, was widely quoted as saying.

"Women believe men are unfaithful if they think about being unfaithful. And the reason we're much more prepared to text than speak is that it's loads easier." So user beware: For many people, "sext messaging" has a disinhibiting effect, like having a couple of cocktails.

” asks Scott Tod, Ontario Provincial Police deputy commissioner.“The Microsofts, the Googles, the Amazons, the large digital giants in the world, in my opinion, are setting the pace for that privacy discussion. And encrypted devices containing vital evidence are increasingly beyond the technical reach of police.

Nudie pictures helped cameras catch on; porn got a start in film and went on to make video and then the Internet huge.

Chat rooms are full of dirty talk and spicy e-mail has launched many an on-line affair.

And just as our ancestors were fascinated with the amorous exchanges of Napoleon et al, whether it's overhearing Charles wanting to be Camilla's tampon or watching Pam's and Paris's home movies, the combination of technology, sex and celebrity is impossible to resist.

Now, text messaging (also known as Short Message Systems or SMS) has become the new phone sex, with the British press weighing in about the ethics of "having a textie" and readers all over the world trying to fill in the media-imposed asterisks.

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