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In 2003, he won the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for the single "Your Body Is a Wonderland".

Though Mayer started his career mainly performing acoustic rock, he began moving towards the blues genre that had originally influenced him as a musician. Forming the John Mayer Trio, he released a live album in 2005 called Try! Both albums received wide critical acclaim, and Continuum earned Mayer a 2007 Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

But I will say I keep my pool at 92 degrees, so you do the math. One of my best friends is Jewish beyond all Jews–I went to my first Passover seder at his house– and I train in Krav Maga with a lot of Israelis. Mayer said: So here I am, introducing a third side.

We’re never gonna win the world/We’re never gonna stop the war/We’re never gonna beat this/If belief is what we’re fighting for… A laid-back, panic free approach to environmentalism.

Together, they formed a short-lived two-man band called Lo-Fi Masters.

After their split, Mayer continued to play local clubs—refining his skills and gaining a following.

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS) " data-medium-file="https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/johnmayerkatyperry.jpg?

Whether it’s from Hollywood Lies, the , it’s still wrong.

A mutual friend of Gossip Cop and Mayer’s exclusively tells us it’s “totally untrue,” and while the singer knows the actress, who has appeared on “Santa Clarita Diet” and “Parks and Recreation,” he “hasn’t spoken to her in months.” Here’s a suggestion: If you want accurate celebrity news, Google “John Mayer” and “Gossip Cop.” Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll get duped into a number of fake news stories like this one about him supposedly dating Morales.

Mayer is a Democrat, but clearly not overly liberal.

His comments on the environment, race, and health care point to someone who views politics and society from a detached standpoint.

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