Accomodating diversity

How does the presence of diversity impact our understanding of society and formulation of adequate policies?This collection examines the Indian experience of diversity by delineating the policies and institutional arrangements that have been designed to accommodate different kinds of diversities, and highlighting the problems that the chosen path has yielded.

The investment in diversity training is especially difficult to measure because the learning objectives and the manner in which employees absorb information are far too subjective for discrete measurement.

If employees are adversely affected because of a proscribed ground, an employer must seek to “accommodate” those employees to the point of undue hardship.

There are often competing and valid interests when the duty to accommodate is engaged.

This, in turn, affects the company’s ability to recruit and retain talented workers.

Increasing diversity within an organization helps it to mirror the society in which it operates.

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While most of these differences present themselves without difficulty, occasionally, workplace rules or managerial perceptions can restrict the ability of certain employees to perform job tasks.

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