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To avoid these problems with taxonomy fields and lookup fields Client IDMode should not be set to Static. User Control’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?No problems have been detected with the default value of Client IDMode (Inherit) or when setting it to “Auto ID” or “Predictable”. User Control’ does not contain a definition for ‘RTEClient Id’ and no extension method ‘RTEClient Id’ accepting a first argument of type ‘System. ) Source Error: After some time lost in troubleshooting (checking form another PC, inspecting the document content, checking permissions, inspecting the traffic with Fiddler,…) I didn’t find anything.In Sharepoint, the attached item events are fired whenever you perform an item.Update() Ryan posted a solution to this issue, using a custom event handler that disables the events upon request.

That choice field had 15 choices and all were big numbers (2000,2001,…,2014).What I dislike about the solution, is the risk of leaving the events disabled. Assume an exception occurs, the code will never reach the line where the event firing is enabled (restored) again. It is not consistent but happens much more frequently on “Calendar list”. This is a very typical error occurs in Share Point 2007 for asynchronous event handler. If you still have save conflict issues like we did, in Share Point 2010, we have the option to make these kind of events Synchronous by adding this in the file of the event receiver while we are registering it.Due to Share Point and the event receiver code trying to update the item at the same time.

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