Simple dating rules

The last thing she wants is to get approached by another guy who is so unauthentic that it is impossible for her to trust and respect him. She wants a guy who shows how strong he is, without hiding the fact that he has his vulnerable side.

She craves for a guy who is , without hiding the things that all the others hide from her.

Mix few things that are personally important to you with a few things that you and your potential date might have in common: travel, art, dining, cultural interests, that kind of stuff.

First of all, be honest as you complete your profile. It does not matter how old you become, you will discover that many of these rules change over time or drop out of sight.However, many of them continue to be the same as the years go by.Please do us all a favor and delete them, you're making meeting new people more difficult for all of us.There's a courtship and privilege of dating a beautiful woman.

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