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Buy Now Mobile devices have become very popular, and many people may be viewing your website on a mobile device.Any HTML or CSS problems could be especially harmful for viewers using browsers on mobile devices, so this is another great reason to validate your web documents.HTML validators are invaluable tools for people that write code.They can let you know if there are any errors present that might cause display issues and give you some clues for debugging.This is a little unusual, since it forces you to specify display related information in the HTML, but you can always override them using the This allows the user to choose a file that will be uploaded to the server.There are obvious security issues here, so in order to prevent pages uploading files without permission, browsers will not allow HTML or script to set the initial value of the input. This can be useful if you want to have multiple submit buttons, and you want the server side script to make decisions based on which button is clicked.So what can be done to make sure that your pages render properly in different browsers and different versions of the same browser?

One of the most popular validators is the free one maintained by the W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium.

Today there's a wide variety of browsers that may be used to view your site.

To cater to this variety, a developer should build sites that work well in all the major browsers.

This might include Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and the increasing number of mobile browsers.

Making sure that the HTML & CSS is correct is the first step in making sure that a site will display correctly in multiple browsers.

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