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This left only the few – the brave – to make the journey and collect one of the candy bars given out by the devil basking in the red glow of the doorway.Trick or Treating in the 1970’s wasn’t the flirt with death that it can be today.A spokesman writing in one religious magazine says, “If when I die, I am met by someone with horns and tail, calling himself the Devil, I hope that I shall not be frightened—but reassured—knowing that I am having my leg pulled, and that there is humor also in the hereafter.” In other words, the writer of those words hopes that the idea of “the devil” is just a joke. Moody used to say that there were two reasons why he believed the devil exists as a real being: (1) The Bible says so. When Jesus spoke of the devil, He used personal pronouns.Satan is often made out to be a joke, but in reality, he should be feared. He is not as powerful as God, but he is just as real. Jesus said to Peter, “Behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat” (Luke ).

One of Satan’s cunning schemes is to try and convince people that he does not really exist.

One of the most neglected subjects in many pulpits today is that of the personality, activity, and power of the devil.

One of the national news magazines said recently, “Literal belief in the devil is widely viewed by theologians as a holdover from the Dark Ages.” Probably most of us would rather speak about the Lord Jesus than about His enemy (and our enemy) the devil, but the Bible says that the devil is a very real and a very dangerous character. We are told in 2 Corinthians that true Christians are not ignorant of the devil’s devices.

Some of our contemporary ideas about kids (and Satanists) are still based in morbid fantasy.

He was back again that year, the same as he had been for five years running, keeping the majority of Trick or Treaters behind an imaginary line of uneasiness drawn at the edge of the curb with his Hell-red grin and burning cauldrons.

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Everyone knows that Halloween is peak season for occult behavior.

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