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The requirements also stipulate that the owner of the request must sign all modules and adopted decisions by the competent authority, including that the approval of marriage to a non-Saudi wife does not grant her the right to obtain Saudi nationality.Fingerprints of the applicants must be taken after their information is linked electronically to the competent authority at the Ministry of Interior, authorizing authorities at the ministry to review all civil records and data through the Bayanati service.Legal consultant Abdulaziz Dashnan said Kuwaiti men top the list of Gulf nationals married to Saudi women, according to a 2012 statistical study.Yemenis, however, got the lion’s share of non-Gulf expats married to women within the country.

The age of a non-Saudi woman must be at least 25 years, and there cannot be an age difference greater than 30 years between the spouses in all cases, according to the new regulation.

In cases of Saudi women marrying a non-Saudi man, the age of the woman seeking marriage must be between 30 and 55 years at the time of the request, and there must be no age difference greater than 10 years between the spouses to ensure she is not being exploited.

The age requirement is lowered to 27 years for those with disabilities or illnesses that have made her unacceptable to Saudis, or for those with special circumstances, such as orphans, provided an official document is provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development proving this.

“In my world, abayas and softball fields were very compatible.

As I got older, I realized what a rare privilege it was to have the chance to experience Saudi Arabia.”The opportunity for Westerners to travel, let alone photograph, in Saudi Arabia has always been severely restricted.

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