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One of the most common issues Florida workers face is receiving due compensation.

Employers often illegally withhold or deduct a worker's wages for excuses like: The Fair Labor Standards Act protects an employee's rights to the wages that are due for their time worked, regardless of any conflicts with an employer or an employer's personal code of ethics.

Florida's food and hospitality industry has been the subject of U. Department of Labor investigations involving restaurant workers being under-compensated.

Employment law covers a multitude of topics, including worker's compensation, workplace discrimination, vacation and overtime, unemployment benefits and more.

School districts are allowed to regulate smoking on their property.

Stronger local laws/ordinances further restricting smoking are not allowed, see below. 'Enclosed indoor workplace' means any place where one or more persons engage in work, and which place is predominantly or totally bounded on all sides and above by physical barriers.

The requirement to incorporate end dates for Florida child support was intended to eliminate a major headache for many parents – the need to return to court for an order terminating child support.

Child support in Florida most commonly ends when the child turns 18Child support may continue until graduation from high school, or age 19Child support may continue forever for special needs children Child support normally never extends through the college years In the past decade, Florida enacted a statute that requires all child support orders to contain a end date for child support, specifying that child support ends on the child’s 18th birthday.

When there are multiple children included in a child support order, child support is calculated for different dates in the future, as each child reaches the age of 18.

Like every state, though, Florida has its quirks and legal flaws.

With a median unemployment rate of 4.9 percent, Florida is one of the top four states in the country for wage and hour violations and investigations.

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Employers are required to comply with FLSA standards for wages, overtime, breaks and leave.

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